April 4, 2017
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Luna Elevators

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Lunar Elevators: Reality or Imagination?

Student, Sai Kiran from (Chennai) British International School, had an idea and completely designed a proposal to create and sustain elevator systems that could possibly connect the Earth and the Moon. Could it really be possible, or is this just another fantasy crafted from a young mind?

Sai put much time into his thesis, his idea makes it seem to show the cost efficiencies comparing traveling to the Moon with rockets using fossil fuels & the elevator systems. Saving those amount of monies could make the steps to colonize the Moon a more viable possibility for our future as a human race, and let’s face it… it is our closest celestial partner.

Believe it or not this project was entered into a contest from a 12th-grade student. Sai attends the Chennai School and had entered his project into NASA’s Ames Space Settlement Contest for 2017. (A contest held by the Ames Research Center, San Jose State University & the National Space Society) He ended grabbing the second place prize in the contest.

His proposal entitled, “Connecting Moon, Earth and Space” and “HUMEIU Space Habitats” was in the formulating stages since 2013 when Sai was still living in Singapore. He only started to more seriously think about and write down his thesis when he began attending the British International School(Chennai).

The project mainly consists of the monetary aspects of sending humans to the Moon via rockets, compared to an elevator system. Sai states that Elevators could be either Earth-based or Lunar-based, not a complete elevator connecting both because the height of that elevator would be (40,000 km) and wouldn’t be economical whatsoever.

It all seems to be a very interesting idea & it’s a fresh look into the future of our race and where we might be going after Earth. Inspiration should be taken away from our youth who are consistently providing new angles to look at ourselves and can give us back some of the imagination we lost. Let’s see what happens!