April 5, 2017
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J-Rod: The Latest Power Couple

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J-Lo is one of the more popular female singer and actor, taking part in so many projects since her days of being “Jenny from the block”. Recently she was dating superstar Drake, but she said that it only lasted a couple of months. But that’s not the story everyone is going crazy about!

Shortly after her most recent romance, she has been spotted all around New York City with Alex Rodriguez. The paparazzi are eating this up and the cameras love this couple! These two are rapidly becoming the newest power couple around town and why not? They just might be.

Puppy love, so innocent…so simple. The more subtle signs that J-Rod is here to last. He was caught stating that he and some friends had gone to see J-Lo’s one-woman revue in Las Vegas, and she would like his posts on Instagram. It seems like they have a much deeper relationship than the eyes may see. They have apparently been, “dating for months” and now they are dressing to match, and they were even more recently seen around town his Jennifer’s mother.

J-Lo made an official announcement to her 62.1 million loyal Instagram followers and it seriously looks like things will only be heating up from here. Honestly, they look like the president and the First Lady walking down the street and have a presence comparable to Jay-Z and Beyonce. We will be continuing to watch this budding romance grow and watching how this story unfolds, all we know is that people are watching and the cameras love J-Rod.