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November 2, 2021 - News

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if you want to make music, and I mean really, really good music, don’t imitate other people.
If you want people to listen to your music, you have to make something that’s different from everything else.
Most people don’t.
They spend all their time copying what other people have done. They take somebody else’s sound and copy it. They take somebody else’s song structure and copy it. They take somebody else’s song and chop it up, change some beats, add in some different instruments.
But none of this makes you interesting.
A truly great artist is always working to come up with something original. People always notice when an artist is doing something new and different.
When you start out, everything is going to be new to you. So everything will be interesting to you.
But after a while you’ll start to come up with ideas that are so good you’ll think, “this sounds just like what I heard yesterday,” or “what’s that? It sounds like someone else.”
When that happens, slow down.
Think about why you think it sounds familiar.
Was I listening to the same song? Did I hear something before?
Did somebody steal my sound?
Or was I listening to something familiar, but in a different key or tempo?
If you don’t stop and think about it, your listeners won’t either.
So keep making new music, and never stop trying something new.

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